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किताबें जो गाँधी जी पढ़ते थे

प्रस्तुति : तेजी ईशा

Abott, Lyman: What Christianity Means To Me: A Spiritual Autobiography

Advice To A Mother

Joseph Addison: Essays

Rev. T.: James: Aesop's Fables

AIi, Amir: History of The Saracens

Ali, Amir Syed: Spirit of Islam: A History of The Evolution and Ideals of Islam

Allison, Dr, T. R.: Hygienic Medicine

Allison, Dr: T. R.: Writings on Health and Hygiene

Andrew, Charles Freer: What I Owe To Christ

Andrews, Charles Freer: Zaka Ullah of Delhi

Annual Report of The Inspector of Education in Basutoland, 1909-19

Arab Wisdom: Wisdom of the East series

Arnold, Edwin: Indian Idylls

Arm of God

Arnold, Edwin: Japan via Land and Sea

Arnold, Edwin: Life Beyond Death

Arnold, Edwin: Light of Asia; Or The Great Renunciation

Arnold, Edwin: Seas and Lands

Arnold, Edwin: The Song Celestial Or Bhagavadgita

Bacon, Francis: Bacon's Essays with Annotations

Bacon, Francis: Wisdom of The Ancients

Bell: Standard Elocutionist

Bellamy, Edward: Equality

Bentham, Jeremy: Theory of Utility

Besant, Annie Wood: How I Became A Theosophist

Bhgavad Gita

Bhagavan Das: Science of Peace

Bhatt, Nrisinhprasad Kalidas: Biography of The Prophet

Bhattacharya: Indian Castes

Bible Yew of The World Martyrs

Bible Story

Blavatsky, Helene Petrovna (Hahn-Hahn): The Key To Theosophy

Blount: New Crusade

Boehmen, Jacob: Super Sensual Life

Birla, G:D:: Birla's Book on Currency

Brailsford, Henry Noel: Rebel India

Brierly, J.: Ourselves and the Universe

Broom: Common Law

Browning: Christmas Eve

Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker: The Chinese Children Next Door

Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker: Good Earth

Buckle, Henry Thomas: History of Civilization in Europe

Buhler, George: The Laws of Manu

Bunyan, John: Pilgrim's Progress

Bureau, Paul: Towards Moral Bankruptcy

Burnes, Delisle Berne: Democracy

Butler, Joseph: Bishop of Durham : Analogy of Religion Natural and Revealed to the Constitution and Course of Nature

Calthrop, M. M.C.: Crusade

Cambridge History of Scotland

Candle of Vision

Carlyle, Thomas: French Revolution: A History

Carlyle, Thomas: Life of Burns

Carlyle, Thomas: Life of Johnson

Carlyle, Thomas: Life of Scott

Carlyle, Thomas: Lives

Carlyle, Thomas: On Heroes, Hero Worship and The Heroic in History

Carlyle, Thomas: Past and Present Carnegie, Andrew: Round The World

Carpenter, Edward: Civilization : Its Cause and Cure

From Adams Peak To Elephanta

Carus, Paul: Gospel of Buddha

Chakravarti, Atulananda: Hindus and Muslims of India

Chatterjee, Ramananda: The Golden Book of Tagore

Childbirth and Obstetrics

Christianity in Practice

The Coming Struggle For Power

Constipation and Our Civilization

Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish: Essays in National Education

Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish: Essays in National Idealism

Cox, George W: Crusades

A Word To Gandhi: The Lesson of Ireland

Cunningham, J. D.: History of The Sikhs' From The Origin of The Nation To The Battles of The Sutlej

Dadachanji: Zend-Avesta

DeFoe, Daniel: Robinson Crusoe

Dickens, Charles: A Tale of Two Cities

Dickinson, Goldsworthy Lowes: Letters From John Chinaman

Digby, William: Prosperous British India: A Revelation From Official Records

Doke, Joseph John: The Secret City

Dr Carton's Thesis on Consumption

Drummond, Henry: The Greatest Thing in The World

Drummond, Henry: Natural Law in The Spiritual World

Durant, Will: Case For India

Dutt, Romesh Chunder: Economic History of India Under Early British Rule

Dwivedi, M: N: Rajyoga

Eddy, Mrs: Mrs: Eddy's Works (Of Christian Science)

Edward: Real Property

Essence of The Koran

Farrar, Rev: Fredric William: Seekers After God

Finot: Race Prejudice

Food Remedies


Geddes, Sir Patrick: Cities in Evolution: An Introduction To The Town Planning Movement and To The Study of Civics

Ghose, Aurobindo: Eight Upanishads

Ghose, Aurobindo: Gita: With Text, Translation and Notes

Gibbon, Edward: Decline and Fall of The Roman Empire

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von: Faust

Gokhale, Gopal Krishna: Speeches of Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Gospel and The Plaugh

Govindacharya, Alkondaville: Life of Ramanuja

Guizot: European Civilization

Haeckel, Ernst: Evolution of Man (A Popular Scientific Study)

Haribhadra, Suri: Shaddharshana Samuchchaya Granth

Hassan: Saints of lslam

Hayes: Book of The Cow

Hayes, Will: Essence of Hinduism

Hayes, Will: Indian Bibles

Heath: Astronomy

Henry (A Police Officer): Finger Impressions

Henry, Sir: Sir Henry's Book on Castes

Hoare, Samuel: The Fourth Seal

Holmes: Freedom and Growth

Homer: Iliad of Homer

Hopkins, E. Washburn: Origin and Evolution of Religion

How to Launder

Hughes, Thomas: Tom Brown's School Days; By An Old Boy

Hugo, Victor: Les Miserables

Hugo, Victor: Ninety Three

Hunter, William Wilson: History of British India

Hunter, William Wilson: Indian Empire: Its People, History and Products

Huxley, T:H:: On Education

Imam, Saheb: Biography of The Prophet

Irving, Washington: Life and Voyages of Christopher Colombus

Irving, Washington: Life of Mahomet and His Successors

Ishopanishad: Arvind's Commentary

Iyer: Foreign Exchange

Jacolliot, M: Louis: Bible in India

Jaikrishna, Vyas: Panchikaran

Jain, Champakrai: Confluence of Religions

James: Our Hellenic Heritage

James, William: Varieties of Religious Experiences

Jamia: Kimiyagar

Jamia: Urdu PIays: Shareef Ladka and Kheti

Jeans, James Hopwood: Mysterious Universe

Just, Adolf: Return To Nature 

Kabir : Kabir's Songs

Kaye, John William and George Bruce Malleson: Kaye's and Malleson's History of The Indian Mutiny: 1857-1858

Keay: Hindu Astronomy

Kharas: Astronomy

Kharas: Swadhynya Samhita

Khayyam, Omar: Rubajyat of Omar Khayyam

Kidd, Benjamin: Social Evolution

Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: The Bible's Own Account of Itself

Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: Clothed With The Sun

Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: Perfect Way in Diet: The Finding of Christ

Kingsford, Anna and Edward Maitland: Story of The New Gospel of Interpretation

Kingsley: Eastward Ho

Kingsley: Westward Ho

Kingsley: Money

Kipling, Rudyard: Barrack-Room Ballads

Kipling, Rudyard: Jungle Book

Kiritkar, Vasudev: Studies in Vedanta

Kuhne, Dr.: of Leipzig: Hydrotherapy

Kumarappa, Joseph Cornelius: Survey of Matar Taluka

Lane, Edward William: Arabian Nights

Lansbury's Life

Lavator: Physiognomy

Leadbeater, Charles Webster: Writings

Lecky, William Edward Hartpole: History of European Morals From Augustus To Charlemagne

Life of John Howard

Life of Tolstoy

Lin-V-Tang: Lin-U-Tang's Book

Llewellyn, Richard: How Green Was My Valley

Locaire: Astronomy

Lodge, Oliver: Modern Problems

Lucian: Trips To The Moon

Macaulay, Thomas B.: Lays of Ancient Rome

Macauliffe, Max Arthur: Sikh Religion: Its Gurus, Sacred Writings and Authors

Macdonald, George: Cibble

MacDonald, R: Travelolgue

Madan: Fasting

Maeterlinck, Maurice: Magic of The Stars

Maine, Henry James Sumner: Village Communities in The East and West

Maitland, Edward: New Interpretation of The Bible

Mander: Astronomy Without A Telescope

Manu: Manusmriti

Marx, Karl: Capital: A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Production

Masani: Conference of The Birds

Masani, Rustom Pestonji: Religion of The Good Life: Zoroastrianism

The Master and His Teachings

Mayne, John Dawson: Civil Procedure Code

Mayne, John Dawson: Treatise on Hindu Law and Usage

Mayo, Katherine: Mother India

Mazzini, Giuseppe: The Duties of Man and Other Essays

Mehta, J. P.: Vernaculars As Media of Instruction in Indian Schools and Colleges

Milton, John: Lycidas: The Tradition and The Poem

Modi, P. N.: Bhagavadgita: A Fresh Approach

Morley, John Morley: Life of William Ewart Gladstone

Morley, John: On Compromise

Morley, John Viscount: Recollections

Motley, John Lothrop: Rise of The Dutch Republic: A History

Moulton: Early Zoroastrianism

Muller, Friedrich Max: India: What Can It Teach Us?

Muller, Friedrich Max: Upanishads

Musings of St: Theresa

Muller, Friedrich Max: Upanishads

Musings of St. Theresa

Naoroji, Dadabhai: Admission of Educated Natives Into The Indian Civil Service

Naoroji, Dadabhai: England's Duty To India

Financial Administration of India

Poverty and Un-British Rule in India

Natesan, Ganapati Agraharam: What India Wants: Autonomy Within The Empire

Natural History of Birds

Nehru, Jawaharlal: Glimpses of World History

Newcome: Astronomy

Nicholson: Mystics of Islam

Nivedita: Cradle Tales of Hinduism

Nordau, Max: Paradoxes of Civilization

Page , Kirby: War: Its Causes, Consequences and Cure

Parker, Dr: Commentaries

Patanjali: Yogasutras of Patanjali

Patel, Narasinhbhai Ishwarbhai: Letters of Narasinhbhai

Persian, Mystics: Wisdom Of The East Series

Pherwani, Shivram: Social Efficiency

Philo Christus: Pro Christo Ht Ecclesia

Pierson, Arthur Tappan: Many Infallible Proofs: The Evidences of Christianity Or The Written and Living Word of God

Plato: Defense and Death of Socrates

Plato: Dialogues of Plato

Pope, George Uglow: First Lessons in Tamil

Prophet's Message To The West

Ramanathan: Speech on Khadi

Ranade, Mahadeo Govind and R T: Telang: Rise of The Maratha Power and Other Essays and Gleanings From Maratha Chronicles

Report of The Committee on Co-operation in India: 1917

Reports of Herschel and Other Committees

Rhys Davids, Thomas William: Lectures on Buddhism

Rolland, Romain: Life of Ramakrishna

Rolland, Romain: Life of Vivekananda and The Universal Gospel

Rosebery: The Life of Pitt

Rosicrucian Mysteries

Rothenstein: Ruin of Egypt

Ruskin, John: Crown of Wild Olives: Four Lectures on Industry and War

Ruskin, John: Fors Clavilgera Letters To The Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain

Ruskin, John: Joy For Ever and Its Price in The Market

Ruskin, John: Sesame and Lilies : Three Lectures

Ruskin, John: St: George's Guild

Ruskin, John: Unto This Last: Four Essays on The First Principles of Political Economy

Saadi, Shaikh: Gulistan Or Rose Garden

Saadi, Shaikh: The Way of Zoraster

Saheb, Imam: Life of Nabi Saheb (Sirat-un-Nabi)

Salmin, Al Haj: Imam Hussain

Salmin, Al Haj: Khalifa Ally

Salt, Henry Stephens: A Plea For Vegetarianism and Other Essays

Salter, WiIliam MacIntyre: Ethical Religion

Salvemini, Gaetano: Mussolini

Sarkar, Jadunath: Shivaji and His Times

Schopenhaaver: Upanishads

Second and Third Urdu Reade

Secret Medicines

Seely, John Robert: Expansion of England

Seen and Heard in A Punjab Village

Shah, K. T.: Federal Finance

Shah, K. T.: Indian Currency and Exchange Banking

Shakespeare, William: Richard The Third

Shankh Ane Kodi

Shanna, Abhayadev: Vaidik Vinaya

Shaw, George Bernard: Man and Superman: A Comedy and A Philosophy

Shelley, Percy Bysshe: Shelley's Works

Shibli, Maulana: Life of The Prophet

Shibli, Maulana: Sirat-On-Nabi

Shriman Narayan, Agarwal: Gandhian Constitution For Free India

Sinclair, Upton: Wet Parade

Sir Jean: Astronomy

Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy

Slocomb's Book

Snell: Equity

Socrates: Socrates' Works

Sohravorthy, Abdulla: Sayings of Mahomed

Sound of Heaven

Spencer, Herbert: The Principles of Sociology

St. Paul in Greece

Steps To Christianity

Stevenson, Robert Louis: Strange Case of Or Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables

Stevenson, Robert Louis: Virginbus Puerisque and Other Papers

Stories From The History of Rome

Swift, Jonathan: Guilliver's Travels

Tagore, Rabindranath: Golden Book of Tagore

Tagore, Rabindranath: Sadhana: The Realization of Life

Taylor: Gujarati Grammar

Taylor, Thomas: Fallacy of Speed

Tennyson, Alfred: The Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson

Text Book of Indian History

Thackeray, William Makepeace: Vanity Fair- A Novel Without A Hero

Thadani: Thadani's Poem

Thakur: Indian Administration

Theology in English Poets

Thompson, Edward W: Other Side of The Medal

Thompson, Francis: Hound of Heaven

Thoreau, Henry David: Life Without Principle

Thoreau, Henry David: On The Duty of Civil Disobedience

Thoreau, Henry David: Walden and Civil Disobedience

Tilak, Bal Gangadhar: Hindu Philosophy of Life, Ethics and Religion, Omtat-sat Srimad Bhagavadgita Rahasya Or Karma-Yoga Shastra

Tilak, Bal Gangadhar: Orion Or Researches Into The Antiquity of The Vedas

Tolstoy, Countess: Defense

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Complete Works of Count Tolstoy

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Essays and Letters

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: The First Step

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: The Gospel in Brief

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: How Shall We Escape

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Ivan The Fool

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: The Kingdom of God Is Within You

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Letter To A Hindoo

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Letters To Russian Liberals

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: My Confession

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Relation of The Sexes

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: Slavery of Our Times

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What I Believe

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What Is Art

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What Shall We Do Then

Tolstoy, Leo Nikolaevich: What To Do

Trine: My Philosophy and Religion

Vegetarian Messenger

Verne, Jules: Dropped From The Clouds

Vivekananda, Swami: Raja Yoga Or Conquering The Internal Nature

Wadia, Ardaser Sorabjee N: Message of Christ

Wadia, Ardaser Sorabjee N: Message of Mahomed

Wadia, Prof: Southern Cross

The Way of The Buddha

Way of The Cross

The Way To Be in Life

Webb, Alfred: Alfred Webb's Collection on Indian Civilization

Wells, Herbert George: The Outline of History: Being A Plain History of Life and Mankind

What War Means?

White and Tudor: Leading Cases in Equity

Wilberforce: Five Empires

Wilde, Oscar: Complete Works of Oscar Wilde

Williams, Howard: Ethics of Diet

William, Joshua: Principles of The Law of Real Property

Woodroffe, John George: Shakti and Shakta: Essays and Addresses on The Shakta Tantrashastra

Wordsworth, William: Poems

Yogavasishtha: Mumukshu Prakaran

Young Crusader

Zarathustra: Sayings of Zarathustra

पंचवटी : मैथिलीशरण गुप्त

साकेत : मैथिलीशरण गुप्त

स्वाध्याय संहिता : वैदिक मुनि हरिप्रसाद

वेदांत : राजन अय्यर

पंचीकरण : व्यास


रामायण : लेडी रमानाथ

मनुस्मृति : मनु

इस्लाम का नीतिशास्त्र : मिर्जा

रामचर्चा : प्रेमचंद

बुद्ध और महावीर : किशोरीलाल मशरूवाला

गाँधी विचार दोहन : किशोरीलाल मशरूवाला

समर्पण : किशोरीलाल मशरूवाला

धर्म विचार

(स्रोत : मणि भवन, गाँधी संग्रहालय)

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